People love our Cant Surf ? Hats.

Sample Ideas of Hats available!.

Can't Surf ?  Dance!

Can't Surf ?  Play Tennis !

Can't Surf ? Eat Chocolate, Drink Wine!

And of course everyones Favorite!

Can't Surf ?   Get Naked  !

CAN'T SURF ?  HATS Now Available




New hats are In for 2018

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If you saw our hats and want email me. Never before have I seen such a great response by wearing a Can't Surf Hat. People ask me all the time Cant Surf ? are you and instructor or you can't surf and they see the back of the hat and love it. Our current hats is the most popular GET NAKED, More Tag lines coming , DANCE, HUNT, FISH Drink Wine, Drink Beer, Play Ball.

We can send you a hat anywhere in USA

email me devin@cantsurf.com

we take mc,visa,amex discover.